Beech Mountain Weather

Located at 5,506' above sea level Beech Mountain has a unique weather pattern. We have seen snow every month of the year except August.   Temperatures in the summer are normally in the 70's and lows in the winter can reach the teens and single digits.  The high altitude makes for beautiful cool summer afternoons and wonderful snowy days in the winter.  Our average snowfall is approx. 80" per year with many winters bringing much more.  Below you will find information on our weather, and links to many weather forecasted for the area.  Fred's is the only Official National Weather Reporting station in the area and records the weather daily for forecasters data. 

Official National Weather Reporting since December 10th, 1991.

Average Summer High (Since 1992) 66.55
Average Summer Low (Since 1992) 53.78
Average Winter High (Since 1991) 40.26
Average Winter Low (Since 1991) 24.96
Average Rainfall Per Year (Since 1992)  57.36"
Average Snowfall Per Year (Since 1991) 84.6"

Highest Recorded Temperature

(Since 1992)

81 degrees
July 9, 1993

Lowest Recorded Temperature

(Since 1992)

-15 degrees

January 16, 1994

Most Snowfall In A Season (Since 1992)



Most Snowfall From One Storm

(Since 1992)

48" March 1993
Earliest Last Freeze April 24th
Latest Last Freeze May 23rd
Average Last Freeze May 8th
Earliest First Freeze September 25
Latest First Freeze October 22
Average First Freeze October 10th

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